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Mast Cell Tumors in Dogs

Published September 16, 2021 | By Straight North | Blog

Dogs have two anal sacs, one on either side of the anus. These small, pouch-like sacs — which are located between the external and internal anal sphincter muscles — are lined with sweat glands that produce a smelly, brownish-gray fluid. When a dog defecates, a small amount of this fluid is... Continue reading

Soft Tissue Sarcomas In Dogs

Published August 29, 2021 | By Straight North | Pet Cancer Resources

Soft tissue sarcomas are tumors that develop in the soft tissues of a dog's body, including the muscles or the connective tissues. Soft tissue sarcomas in dogsĀ are not painful, and the most notable symptoms are the size and growth of the tumor beneath the skin. They are commonly found on the legs, chest... Continue reading

Oral Melanoma In Dogs

Published August 28, 2021 | By Straight North | Pet Cancer Resources

Oral melanoma is a type of oral tumor, and it is one of the most common types of cancer in dogs. Despite its prevalence, many pet parents are not aware that the discrete signs and symptoms of this type of tumor are cancer. Oral melanoma can present itself in the form of a small black lesion inside the... Continue reading

Dog with Cancer Treated at PetCure Oncology in Clifton, NJ Goes Viral

Published June 25, 2021 | By PetCure Oncology | Home Page

This article first appeared on 6/24/21 on Newsweek.com, written by Kate Fowler Mollybear the dog has gone viral on TikTok, with more than 14.3 million views for a heartwarming video showing her undergoing radiation treatment for a nose tumor. Pet Hero Molly Graney The 13-year-old animal has had a... Continue reading