Why Pet Owners Turn to PetCure Oncology For Their Pet’s Cancer Care

Pet cancer puppy bed. Dog playing on the floor with an orange ball

Across the country, stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) is giving the families of pets with cancer the hope they are so desperately seeking.

Thanks to PetCure Oncology, more pet patients than ever now have access to innovative cancer care that is on par with the top oncology providers in human medicine. But here at PetCure Oncology, we know it’s about more than just cancer care. It’s about families.

Not only do we strive to extend both quality and quantity of life for every pet patient that we treat, but we also take care of their human family members. After all, cancer impacts more than just the patient. From guidance through the cancer journey to sincere emotional support, we consider everybody that comes to our centers to be part of the extended PetCure Oncology family.

Pet Hero Gucci from PetCure Pittsburgh

Pet Hero Gucci received SRS in Pittsburgh last month for a tumor based in his heart.

We Are Listening

Your voice matters, and we want to know how we can best serve you. We believe in our pet owners and want to communicate with you so we can continue to provide exceptional service, helping more pets and pet families.

Read what pet owners are saying about PetCure Oncology:

  • “The staff at PVSEC was beyond amazing. In no time at all, [the PetCure team of] Brandy, Sue and Dr. Anderson felt like family – not just to Marley, but to us as well. Their attentiveness, patience, kindness, compassion, and thoughtfulness shone through in everything they said and did. We even received a personalized, hand-crafted card in the mail just a few days after Marley completed her treatments. It blew us away!”
    – Marley’s mom, Debby, from Murrysville, PA.
    Marley was treated by PetCure Oncology at PVSEC in Pittsburgh, PA.
  • “Everyone was professional, welcoming and truly cared about Remy’s treatment and progress. The staff did a great job. Remy actually loved his trips to see his “friends.” Two weeks after his treatment is over, he still goes to the door at 6:30am for his trip to Clifton.”
    – Remy’s mom, Geralyn, from Long Valley, NJ.
    Remy was treated by PetCure Oncology at VRIC in Clifton, NJ.
  • PetCure Oncology at Arizona Team

    The PetCure Oncology at AVO team, seen above, embodies the PetCure Oncology model of caring for the entire pet family – not just the patient.

    “You couldn’t have done anything better. This experience was unforgettable. Unbelievably wonderful, all things considered. I tell everyone about this facility and its wonderful compassionate team.”
    – Roxy’s mom, Cassie, from Gilbert, AZ.
    Roxy was treated by PetCure Oncology at AVO in Gilbert, AZ.

  • “I can’t say enough about how wonderful [PetCure Oncology at] PVSEC is! I felt extremely comfortable having Rocky treated and cared for by the staff and doctors. Everything was explained to me thoroughly and I felt confident in making decisions for Rocky. I always felt that the doctors had Rocky’s best interests at heart. Never once did I feel like it was ‘just about the money.’ So refreshing. It made it easier to make decisions. If any of my other pets need specialty care I will not hesitate to go back to PVSEC. Thank you!”
    – Rocky’s mom, Nadine, from Stephenson, VA.
    Rocky was treated by PetCure Oncology at PVSEC in Pittsburgh, PA.

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We Are Here for You

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