When Your Pet Receives A Cancer Diagnosis, Who Can You Call?

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Your pet is a member of your family, and their health and comfort are important to you. Learning that your pet has cancer can be a devastating and tumultuous experience – we know, we’ve been through it! It’s hard to know where to turn to find the right information on your pet’s cancer type, treatment options and any other questions you might have.

To give them the best care and make the most appropriate treatment decision, you need to have all the facts. When you’re looking for answers, start with PetCure Oncology.

We have launched a new, rapid-response center for pet parents like you who may be struggling with a dog or cat’s cancer diagnosis.

Our full-time Pet Advocate Team is trained and ready to receive your phone calls, emails, or web form submissions with knowledge and compassion. They will help you understand the nature of your pet’s cancer diagnosis, discuss treatment options, and connect you with educational resources to better manage your pet’s care.

We know these conversations aren’t easy to have in or out of a veterinary clinic, and new information brings even more questions. We’re committed to providing compassionate support and guidance to pet parents like you who may feel overwhelmed and want to learn more about what’s available to your pet.

The Pet Advocate Team is here to empower you with the tools necessary to navigate your pet’s cancer diagnosis, explore treatment options, and talk through your wishes and needs for your pet and family.

Give us a call at 833-PET-HERO to get in touch with a Pet Advocate, or download the Pet Parent Cancer Guide.

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