PetCure Oncology Celebrates Veterinary Technician Week

PetCure Oncology is paying tribute to the special efforts made by veterinary technicians every day. Similar to nurses in human healthcare, technicians play a vital role in the health and well-being of patients, providing attentive care and extrordinary compassion to our furry family members.

National Veterinary Technician Week (October 11-17, 2015) makes this the perfect opportunity to applaud applaud and recognize these unsung heroes, including Jenn Gredlein, CVT, and Rudy Grijalva, III, CVT, who work on advanced radiation therapy treatments at Arizona Veterinary Oncology through its partnership with PetCure Oncology.

For Gredlein, providing pets with compassionate cancer care and guiding clients through difficult situations are truly rewarding. “A career as a veterinary technician can be extremely gratifying and there is an ongoing need for qualified and dedicated professionals,” said Jenn. “If you’re passionate about animals and enjoy working in a medical environment, then it’s a great job to have. I find that it really gives me a strong sense of satisfaction and purpose.”

Gredlein has been involved in the veterinary field for 15 years and has been an oncology technician for nine. “My love for animals is what brought me to the field,” she said. “I also like that there is always something to be learned. Therapeutic advancements and new treatment options continue to help us provide better care for pets with cancer.”

Kevin Sweeney, RVT, a registered veterinary technician with PetCure Oncology at Care Center, has been providing exceptional cancer care to pets throughout the tri-state region for the past five years. “Being a veterinary technician is exciting, challenging, and rewarding all at the same time,” said Kevin. “I enjoy working alongside board-certified veterinary specialists and I am proud we offer the most advanced therapies available. It’s satisfying to see our exceptional team extend a pet’s life and help them feel better.”

A career as a veterinary technician can be extremely gratifying, and there is an ongoing need for talented and dedicated professionals.

Cancer accounts for nearly 50 percent of all disease-related pet deaths and is the leading cause of death in older dogs and cats. To help those that need advanced cancer treatment, PetCure Oncology has launched a national network of veterinary cancer centers that have the advantage of being able to offer potentially lifesaving stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS), designed with the intent to cure cancer with fewer treatments and less side effects than conventional radiation therapy.

PetCure Oncology centers in Clifton, NJ, Houston, TX, Jacksonville, FL, Milwaukee, WIPhoenix, AZ, Pittsburgh, PA, Robbinsville, NJ and San Jose, CA are operational. To learn more or obtain a referral to PetCure Oncology visit PetCureOncology.com.

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