PetCure Oncology at VRIC Highlights Pet Heroes for National Pet Cancer Awareness Month

Clifton, NJ – November 17, 2015 – Sandy Mainardi was devastated when Baci, her 13-year-old dog, began experiencing seizures, slipped into a coma, and was eventually diagnosed with a brain tumor. The prognosis was bleak.

Now, just 10 months later, the resident of Lincoln Park, New Jersey has seen her beloved Toy Poodle go through a remarkable turnaround. Thanks to an emerging new cancer treatment called stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS), Baci is back to running, jumping and even winning first-place in his class at the World Cynosport Rally Limited (WCRL) competition.

November is Pet Cancer Awareness Month, the perfect time to cheer those currently battling cancer, celebrate those who have survived, and pay tribute to those who have passed on. This year, it is also a perfect opportunity to spread the word about SRS, a treatment delivered with the intent to cure that is emerging as a leading treatment option in veterinary oncology.

Already widely used in human cancer treatment, SRS is an advanced form of radiation therapy that offers tremendous benefits. SRS is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment that delivers high doses of radiation with sub-millimeter precision to maximize damage to tumorous tissue while minimizing collateral damage to nearby healthy tissue. As a result, SRS requires only 1-3 treatment sessions – an 80-95% reduction compared to conventional radiation therapy – and significantly reduces both the severity and duration of side effects.

As Mainardi learned, the conversation surrounding cancer care for pets is changing for the better – and fast. The groundbreaking new treatment, provided by PetCure Oncology at Veterinary Radiosurgery & Imaging Center (VRIC) in Clifton, NJ, was a life-changing experience for her family.

“Being back in the ring competing with Baci is indescribable,” she said. “You have no idea what a gift this is for me. He is back to his old ‘young’ self again.” Now, Baci is also a PetCure Pet Hero.

PetCure Oncology is revolutionizing cancer care for pets by partnering with established veterinary specialty practices and establishing a national network of centers that specialize in the delivery of advanced radiation therapy and SRS. Centers in Phoenix, Cincinnati, and Clifton, NJ are now open. Locations in Wisconsin and Illinois are slated to open in the next few months, with many more centers in various stages of development across the country.

Pet owners in the northeast may access this advanced technology via referral to PetCure Oncology at VRIC, 1071 Paulison Avenue, Clifton, New Jersey. To learn more or obtain a referral, call 973.772.9902 or visit PetCureOncology.com.

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