PetCure Oncology and Radialogica Partner To Fight Cancer in Pets

Chicago, IL – October 20, 2015PetCure Oncology, the leader in providing cancer care for pets, is pleased to announce the selection of Radialogica’s fullAccess™ software as the company’s platform for clinical collaboration and quality management. PetCure Oncology formally implemented fullAccess™ across its network of cancer centers earlier this month.

fullAccess, successfully used to manage the quality and efficiency of radiation therapy in human cancer treatment, is a fully-integrated radiotherapy data display, communication and analysis platform that enables clinicians across the continuum of care to quickly and easily access, analyze, and share radiation therapy treatment plans and other medical records. Designed to simplify, streamline, and standardize the plan review process, fullAccess features a vendor-independent RT visualization environment that supports flexible review of diagnostic images and treatment plans from any location, robust analytics to evaluate and benchmark the quality and safety of radiation treatment plans, and clinical collaboration tools that facilitate access to clinical expertise and distribution of best practices.

“Partnering with Radialogica allows us to take the best practices from human oncology treatment planning and apply it to veterinary medicine,” said PetCure Oncology Chief Medical Officer, Neal Mauldin. “Safety, exceptional quality and collaboration to optimize outcomes are extremely important to us, and Radialogica shares these important ideals. Their service has been outstanding and the fullAccess platform allows us to safely and effectively treat more pets through a truly collaborative and comprehensive approach.”

“To date, our focus has been on enhancing the quality of radiotherapy treatment and efficiency of clinical workflow within the human healthcare industry,” stated Andy Cowen, CEO of Radialogica. “We are thrilled to support the application of fullAccess within the veterinary field through PetCure Oncology and believe it is a testament to their team’s rigor and focus on quality of care.”

The progressive software complements PetCure Oncology’s mission to revolutionize cancer care for pets, which includes offering stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS), an advanced form of radiation therapy. Widely used in human cancer treatment, SRS offers tremendous benefits to pets by delivering high doses of radiation with sub-millimeter precision in a non-invasive, non-surgical manner. In addition to treating the patient with the intent to cure, SRS requires only 1-3 treatment sessions compared to 15-21 with conventional radiation therapy (CFRT), while minimizing both the risk and the side effects commonly associated with CFRT.

About PetCure Oncology

Cancer accounts for nearly 50 percent of all disease-related pet deaths and is the leading cause of death in older dogs and cats. PetCure Oncology is revolutionizing cancer care for pets by establishing veterinary SRS centers across the country. Centers in Phoenix, Cincinnati, and Clifton, NJ, are operational. Locations in Wisconsin and Illinois are scheduled to open in the next few months, with many more in various stages of development across the country. To learn more or obtain a referral to PetCure Oncology, visit PetCureOncology.com or call 833-738-4376.

About Radialogica

Radialogica, a privately held St. Louis-based healthcare analytics company, is focused on radiation therapy for cancer patients. Its mission is to empower healthcare providers and payers to manage the care and cost of cancer treatment and survivorship. For additional information, visit Radialogica.com.

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