November Is Pet Cancer Awareness Month – Will You Spread The Word?

At PetCure Oncology, we deal with pet cancer every day. We work with the most experienced veterinary clinical teams, the best pet advocates to help coordinate care and have helped treat thousands of pets with cancer. November is Pet Cancer Awareness Month and we are sharing critical information all pet owners should know, like how to reduce the risk of cancer, the common types of pet cancer, and what we are doing to help dogs and cats who have been diagnosed with cancer.

How to Reduce Your Pet’s Risk of Cancer

Does your dog or cat receive regular checkups? Do they eat a healthy, well-balanced diet? Does your pet get their teeth cleaned? All these actions can help reduce your pet’s risk of receiving a cancer diagnosis.

Pet Cancer Facts

Did you know that 12 million cats and dogs are diagnosed with cancer every year? That means millions of pet owners are faced with difficult decisions around their treatment.

  • PetCure Oncology has treated more than 2,000 pets with cancer since opening their first treatment center in May 2015
  • Veterinary cancer treatment technology is advancing every day. PetCure Oncology is committed to staying at the forefront of clinical advances
  • Our clinical team (with 6 board-certified radiation oncologists) is working hard to evaluate patient data and share key learnings around specific tumor types and their response to radiation therapy.
    • The most common cancers PetCure Oncology has treated include:
      • Sarcomas – 297 pets treated
      • Carcinomas – 184 pets treated
      • Osteosarcomas – 161 pets treated
      • Melanomas – 139 pets treated
      • Mast Cell Tumors – 129 pets treated
      • Meningiomas – 136 pets treated
      • Adenocarcinomas – 135 pets treated

Pet Cancer awareness month is an opportunity for us to share patient stories and key information surrounding pet cancer. We hope you’ll share this information with pet owners in need.

Learn more about pets we have treated:

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