From Heartbreak to Hope: CEO Scott Milligan Reflects on PetCure Oncology’s First Year of Treating Patients

What a year it has been for the PetCure Oncology team.

Last Friday marked exactly one year since we treated our first patient, an inspiring golden retriever named Cienna. Barely a year later, I can’t help but reflect on how far we’ve come. It was not long ago that my family’s sweet dog, Juliette, was lost to cancer. That difficult time was exacerbated by a frustratingly simple fact. Juliette could have been saved by a safe, effective and proven cancer treatment that was widely available at the time – but only for humans.

While that was an emotional time for our family, it also proved to be the inspiration behind PetCure Oncology. As I look back and think about all of the pets and families we have helped over the past year, I am extremely grateful for, and humbled by, the company we have created. It is about far more than comprehensive cancer care or the curative benefits of stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS). It is about keeping families together. We are changing lives, striving to provide our pets with the same caliber of cancer care that is available in human medicine.

What started as a “crazy” idea two years ago has become a compassionate, innovative and growing company that is using the latest in human cancer technology to treat our beloved pets. Having been impacted by pet cancer myself, I am thankful that pet owners now have more progressive cancer treatment options to consider when deciding if or how to treat their furry family members.

While our network of pet cancer centers does not yet cover the entire United States, we are heading in that direction. Many patients travel significant distances for treatment at one of our centers. With expansion into a variety of new markets on the horizon, we are committed to bringing our leading treatment options and experienced teams to the places pets and pet owners live.

This is our mission and our calling.

With that, awareness is our highest priority. Few people know about this groundbreaking technology and its promise for treating pets with cancer. Therefore, getting the word out is critical. It can’t happen soon enough.

Please share our story and be proactive about spreading the word. Tell your friends and your family. Connect with us on social media. While pet cancer may not be a reality in your life right now, somewhere a pet owner is worrying about how to respond to their pet’s cancer diagnosis. Visit our SRS: The Video page to learn more about how you can help fight pet cancer.

Furthermore, I encourage you to seek out the warning signs of cancer. Here is some information on brain tumors that we recently put out to help pet owners in conjunction with Brain Tumor Awareness Month. Early detection can make all the difference.


This personal blog entry was contributed by Scott Milligan, PetCure Oncology’s Chief Executive Officer and the proud pet parent of Huck, a 2-year-old English Golden Retriever. 

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