Mike Jones, Director of Radiation Therapy at PetCure Oncology at VRIC Was a Guest on the Your Pets Matter Show

Mike Jones, R.T. (T), Director of Radiation Therapy at PetCure Oncology at Veterinary Radiosurgery and Imaging Center (VRIC) in Clifton, NJ, was a featured guest on a recent episode of Your Pet Matters by Dr. Michael Tokiwa.

Radiation Therapy with Mike Jones, R.T. (T)

The original podcast episode is no longer available as of 12/30/2021. The ‘Your Pet Matters’ podcast can still be accessed on Apple Music, going back to January 2020.
Dr.T was joined by Mike Jones, R.T. (T), Director of Radiation Therapy at PetCure Oncology at the Veterinary Radiosurgery and Imaging Center. Dr. T and Jones discusses how PetCure Oncology is using stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) is treating pets with cancer.

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