New Outcomes Data Presented By PetCure Oncology At Veterinary Cancer Society Annual Conference

Houston, TX – October 22, 2019 – Just a few weeks after celebrating the treatment of its 3,000th pet, national pet cancer care provider PetCure Oncology presented data suggesting that advanced radiation therapy delivered within PetCure-developed treatment protocols is leading to better survival outcomes than other treatment options for at least nine specific tumor types.

The presentation was delivered by chief medical officer Dr. Neal Mauldin at the Veterinary Cancer Society Annual Conference in Houston, Texas on Friday. [Download a summary data sheet by clicking on the image to the right.]

“We have now treated more than 3,000 pets on-protocol with radiation therapy, including more than 2,200 with stereotactic radiation,” explained Dr. Mauldin. “The good news is that many of them are still alive and thriving, so the data is still maturing. But objective analysis of the preliminary data at this point suggests that stereotactic radiation can be considered a standard of care for the treatment of many tumor types – much like it already is in human cancer treatment. This research is the least that PetCure Oncology can do for the many pet owners suffering with a cancer diagnosis.”

As the leading provider of veterinary radiation therapy in the United States, both the quantity and quality of pets with cancer treated on-protocol by PetCure has led to an unprecedented data set.

Nine of the 11 tumor types presented on Friday suggested increased median survival time for pets treated with stereotactic radiation (SRS/SRT) by PetCure Oncology relative to the current body of peer-reviewed published literature. The list includes some of the most common types of pet cancer, including brain tumors, nasal tumors, osteosarcoma (bone tumors), mast cell tumors, and melanoma.

While Friday’s data was a preliminary analysis, formal publication through peer-reviewed channels is scheduled for 2020 and beyond as each segment of the data matures.

ABOUT PETCURE ONCOLOGY: PetCure Oncology was founded in 2014 with a simple mission to make human-caliber cancer care available to pets. Since opening their first treatment center in 2015, PetCure has treated more than 3,000 pets and emerged as the leading provider of veterinary radiation therapy in the United States. With six treatment centers across the country and counting, PetCure also provides innovative teleconsultation services for both veterinarians and pet owners. For more information, contact a PetCure Pet Advocate at 833-738-4376 or download our media kit.

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