PetCure Oncology Telehealth Services

PetCure Oncology now offers telehealth services for families of pets with cancer. Our quick and convenient telehealth option provides both increased convenience and access to cancer care for more pet families and veterinarians nationwide. Embracing telehealth is part of our longstanding commitment to patient well-being. Our board-certified radiation oncologists are available online to discuss imaging results, treatment options and answer questions you may have about your dog or cat’s health, all from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere you have an internet connection.

At PetCure Oncology, we stand by our mission to provide pet families with support, knowledge, and access to comprehensive and compassionate pet cancer care. We share the cancer journey with our patients and their families and believe they deserve the best clinical expertise and advanced treatment options available. That’s why more than 7,000 pet families have chosen PetCure Oncology as their dog or cat’s cancer treatment partner.




Utilize PetCure Oncology's Telehealth Option

Before Your Telehealth Visit

  • Reach out to PetCure Oncology at 833-738-4376 or email petcure.petadvocate@thrivepet.com
  • You will speak with a Pet Advocate who will walk you through any logistics, pricing, and coordinate with your vet to acquire any medical records or imaging for your dog or cat.
  • A PetCure Oncology representative will schedule your virtual telehealth appointment by sending a link for your online visit.

During Your Telehealth Visit

  • Once you receive an email about your telehealth visit, click the link to login and begin your live, two-way conversation with a board-certified radiation oncologist.
  • Feel free to invite your primary care or specialist veterinarian to the telehealth visit so that they can be part of the conversation simply by sharing the link received in your telehealth visit email.
  • Like most pet parents, you will have questions. Please feel free to have an open conversation with your board-certified radiation oncologist about your pet and their particular cancer diagnosis.

After Your Telehealth Visit

  • By the end of the call, we hope you will feel more confident about your pet’s cancer diagnosis and cancer treatment options so that you can take the next step to get your dog or cat the best care available.
  • After the call, we will email you a recording of your PetCure telehealth visit.
  • If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to your Pet Advocate again. We are here for you and your pet during this stressful time.

The Future of Pet Cancer Treatment Starts Here

At PetCure Oncology, we treat your furry family members (felines, canines, and other companion animals) with cancer. We break down barriers to access including geographic barriers – that’s why pets from all over the country come to PetCure Oncology for their cancer treatment. Live remote telehealth visits and pre-recorded imaging reviews are routine parts of our service offering. A cancer diagnosis can be extremely stressful so we want to do our best to support pets and their families. We hope you’ll take advantage of PetCure’s telehealth option as the first step in your dog or cat’s journey toward healing.

PetCure Oncology’s Telehealth Options

We’re excited to offer pet telehealth as part of the overall communication process with you and your patients. While not a replacement for in-person appointments, telehealth options help streamline the early part of the decision-making process. This convenience allows pet families to gain a better understanding of their situation and various options before committing to a treatment course, potential travel, and other costs. An in-person exam and CT scan at a PetCure treatment center will eventually be necessary for all patients before proceeding to radiation therapy. Since 2018, PetCure Oncology has utilized telehealth options for added convenience for both veterinarians and pet owners. Telehealth is a great option for:

  • Telehealth Visits – An introductory conversation between a PetCure radiation oncologist and a pet owner based on medical records and imaging. Referring veterinarians are also welcome to join.
  • Complimentary Imaging ReviewsSubmit a recent CT/MRI and a PetCure radiation oncologist will create a video for you (and/or your client) explaining what they see and offer general guidance.
  • Portal for Collaborative Cancer Care – Join our veterinarian-only portal to submit a referral, live chat with a board-certified oncologist, or request a therapeutic imaging review.
  • Collaboration with our team. Work collaboratively the same way you would with your in-office colleagues.

PetCure Oncology’s telehealth services are standing ready to serve you and your clients:

  • For Veterinarians – Calling our Pet Advocate Team is the best way to get in touch with a PetCure specialist or treatment center. They can be reached at 833-VET-HERO or petcure.petadvocate@thrivepet.com. All of our Pet Advocates are trained veterinary technicians with in-depth backgrounds in veterinary oncology.
  • For Your Clients – PetCure telehealth visits provide pet families with the guidance they need in an expedient and convenient manner. If you have a canine or feline patient with cancer, quickly connect their family with a board-certified PetCure Oncology specialist through a live, two-way video conversation. Vets are encouraged to join the conversation as well!
  • Virtual Appointments – Appointments that do not require an in-person interaction can be conducted virtually. PetCure’s telehealth platform includes both telehealth visits, which enable real-time two-way video communication, and pre-recorded imaging reviews.
  • Join our FREE Portal For Collaborative CarePetCurePortal.com is a free collaboration tool that eliminates obstacles and guarantees top-tier comprehensive care for veterinary cancer patients, particularly in cases requiring multi-modality treatment. Join us today to access this invaluable collaborative tool that enhances communication between veterinary clinics and radiation oncologists, all at no cost.

Download PetCure Telehealth Services Overview.

Our #1 priority is the health and well-being of the pet families we serve. We recognize that as a veterinarian, your dedication to your patients extends beyond a clinical setting. That’s why we encourage you to engage with us. Our collaborative approach includes tools that are designed to enhance your practice, simplify communication, and ensure the best possible outcomes for your canine and feline patients with cancer.

If you have a pet patient that has been diagnosed with cancer or suspected cancer, don’t hesitate to refer them to us. We are here to provide the expertise and support you require to navigate through treatment decisions and provide optimal care. Together, we can create a brighter future for pets and their families.

How To Make An Appointment

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