PetCure Oncology Announces Launch of National Network of Veterinary Stereotactic Radiosurgery Centers

Chicago, Ill – July 15, 2015 – Pets are at risk of getting cancer just like humans. Of the estimated 70-80 million dogs and 74-96 million cats in the United States, cancer accounts for nearly 50 percent of all disease-related pet deaths and is the number one cause of death in older dogs and cats.

SRS treatment for pets with cancerIn response to this unfortunate reality, Chicago-based PetCure Oncology, created by the founders of Accelitech – developers of the largest privately held network of stereotactic radiosurgery centers in the human cancer market – has launched a national network of veterinary radiosurgery centers. What sets radiosurgery apart is that it’s designed to cure, not merely ease the symptoms of cancer. Plus, it requires far fewer treatment sessions and dosing is more precise, so side effects are greatly reduced.

Although stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) – a form of radiation therapy – is widely available for treating human cancers, the veterinary field has a limited supply of advanced technology and services for treating the millions of pets in need.

“In most markets, radiation equipment is outdated, start-up costs are prohibitive and there’s a significant shortage of qualified veterinary radiation oncologists. In fact, there are fewer than 10 specialty centers in the nation that provide SRS for pets,” said Scott Milligan, PetCure Oncology CEO. “As a result, pet owners have had few options except to seek treatments that provide some comfort and pain management for as long as possible rather than cure the disease. Therefore, we are rolling out a national network of veterinary radiosurgery centers in partnership with leading veterinary board-certified radiation oncologists and specialty animal hospitals.”

PetCure Oncology’s mission is to revolutionize the delivery of cancer care for pets. The first location opened in May at Arizona Veterinary Oncology in Gilbert, Arizona. The second site will open in August in Cincinnati, Ohio, at Care Center. Many more locations across the country are in various stages of development.

At the medical helm of the corporation is internationally renowned, triple board-certified veterinary oncologist Neal Mauldin, DVM, DACVIM (Internal Medicine and Oncology), DACVR (RO). His commitment to offer cancer-stricken pets the most scientifically advanced technologies within a compassionate and service-oriented environment is second to none. “By adapting the successes discovered with SRS in treating human cancer, we are now able to successfully treat more types of cancer in pets,” said Dr. Mauldin. “Through our scientific advisory board, site-specific specialists, experienced support teams and concierge-level service, we are confident that we will set the new standard of care and bring peace of mind to many families.”

To learn more, obtain a referral for evaluation for your pet or explore career opportunities, visit petcureoncology.com or call 833-738-4376.

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