PetCure Oncology Leadership

The PetCure Business Leadership Team

PetCure Oncology is managed by a group of seasoned executives:

Scott D. Milligan, VP, Boutique Specialty and New Hospital Growth (Thrive Pet Healthcare)

Scott D. Milligan, Chief Executive Officer PetCure Oncology
  • 25 years of healthcare leadership, development and consulting experience
  • Led development of the largest privately owned radiosurgery network in the U.S.
  • VP of technology – led development and operation of the stereotactic radiosurgery business unit
  • Ernst & Young senior manager, Healthcare Provider Business Transformation Group
  • Pet parent to Huck, an English Golden Retriever

Dr. Neal Mauldin, Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Neal Mauldin Chief Veterinary Medical Officer Pet Cure Oncology
  • Board-certified veterinarian in internal medicine, medical oncology and radiation oncology – Calgary, Alberta
  • Provides remote treatment planning and telemedicine for facilities throughout the PetCure network
  • 8 years with Louisiana State University as associate professor, section head therapeutic radiology
  • Training: Texas A&M University, Animal Medical Center (NYC), Memorial Sloan Kettering fellowship in radiation oncology
  • Pet parent to Allie, a mixed breed rescued during hurricane Allison; Cami, Jenna, Charlotte, and Tuscan, his rescued Shetland Sheepdogs; and his horses Webster, Heston, Betty Boop

Ben Chiswick, Vice President, Operations & Growth

Ben Chiswick
  • Responsible for oversight and leadership of all business operations, including both day-to-day operational management and long-term strategic growth initiatives
  • Has served as Director of Marketing Operations & Analytics (2017-2021), Director of Marketing Communications (2016-2017), and Director of Operations (2015-2016) since joining PetCure Oncology in its first year of operation
  • Prior accomplishments include the development of PetCure’s business analytics infrastructure, management of PetCure’s consumer marketing programs, and leadership of the Clinical Communications Department (CCD) from its inception in 2017 through 2021
  • 15+ years of experience in management, marketing, and analytics
  • Graduate of The George Washington University with a Master’s Degree from Northwestern University
  • Proud pet parent of two Australian Cattle Dogs, Bandit and Remi

Gemma Clarkson, Director of Operations

  • Responsible for operations in San Jose, Phoenix, Houston, and Jacksonville
  • 15+ years of experience as a Radiation Therapist in Europe, Middle East, and USA.
  • Joined PetCure in September 2017 and was part of the team that launched the San Jose program
  • Graduate of The University of Liverpool, United Kingdom
  • Proud pet parent of Ralph, a very mischievous Labradoodle!

Shane Lawless, Director of Operations

Shane Lawless headshot
  • Responsible for operations in Clifton NJ & Robbinsville NJ
  • 14+ years of experience in the field of veterinary medicine in personnel management and operations in Connecticut, New Jersey and New York City, including both emergency/multi-specialty and general practice settings
  • Joined PetCure in March 2022
  • Graduate of Albertus Magnus College in New Haven, CT with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and an Associates Degree in Marketing
  • Industry-specific credentials include a Certificate in Veterinary Assisting, completion of AAHA’s Veterinary Management School, and time served on the board of the Veterinary Management Council of Connecticut
  • Proud pet parent to Dexie, an English Chocolate Lab and Franklin, a Russian Tortoise

Tim Hopson, Director of Operations

Tim Hopson
  • Responsible for operations in Milwaukee and Pittsburgh
  • 10 years of experience as a radiation therapist with additional credentials in x-ray and CT
  • Joined PetCure in July of 2020 as the Radiation Therapist in Pittsburgh; Promoted to current role in 2023
  • Graduate of the University of Central Arkansas with a BS
  • Proud pet parent of Max (black lab), Rollo (great dane), and Esmerelda (DLH)

Brandy Banks, Director of Training & Clinical Processes

Brandy Banks
  • Responsible for oversight and management of operational processes and platforms
  • IT liaison
  • Project Manager for new site launches 
  • Responsible for development & implementation of new hire on-boarding programs and existing staff training 
  • 22+ years as a Radiation Therapist (18 years in human medicine) 
  • Joined PetCure in 2017 as the site therapist at our Pittsburgh location 
  • Proud pet parent of a senior Pitbull Mix – Duke

Larisa Love, RVT, Director of Clinical Communications

Larisa Love
  • Manages Clinical Communications Department staffed with oncology-trained veterinary technicians that support both pet parents and veterinarians
  • Responsible for streamlining processes to help generate growth in revenue for all treatment locations
  • 12+ year as a Registered Veterinary Technician in Specialty and Oncology Veterinary Medicine
  • Joined Petcure Oncology in 2017 and was a part of our cloud-based contact center
  • Proud pet parent to a senior hound dog named Leroy and two rescue cats, Willow and Wasi

Dr. Megan Yanos, Director of Supervising Veterinarians

Dr. Megan Yanos
  • Provides leadership and training for supervising veterinarians across all PetCure Oncology sites
  • Provides on site relief coverage for all sites
  • Responsible for conference appearances and marketing to general practitioners
  • Graduate of Atlantic Veterinary College, Prince Edward Island, Canada
  • Joined PetCure Oncology in 2019 as an associate veterinarian at PetCure Oncology Pittsburgh
  • Proud pet parent of Kara the rescued husky, several cats, a Russian tortoise, a turtle, a gecko, a small herd of goats, Bandit the Paint horse, and Slick the donkey

Lisa Servedio, Director of Financial Operations

PetCure Oncology Advisors

Nancy Dall

Nancy Dall
  • Former Chief Talent Officer for PetCure Oncology
  • 25+ years of experience in talent acquisition/development and HR strategy
  • Oversees talent acquisition, talent development, and company culture for both PetCure Oncology and PetCure Radiation Oncology Specialists
  • CEO and founder of Executive Talent Partners (ETP); Founded in 2015, ETP is an execute search and talent acquisition firm that specializes in helping emerging growth companies assess, source, and retain talent
  • Spent nearly a decade with Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA), holding numerous roles including the Chief of Staff position on the leadership team
  • Prior to CTCA, Nancy developed her talent acquisition skills with Minneapolis-based Organizational Concepts and Cigna, respectively
  • Recruiting experience ranges from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies and has spanned multiple industries, including but not limited to veterinary medicine, human healthcare, medical device, professional services and manufacturing

Jack Moore

Jack Moore PetCure Oncology Chief Marketing Officer
  • Spent 4 years as PetCure’s Chief Marketing Officer
  • Architect of the marketing strategy for one of the fastest growing cancer treatment centers in the country, recognized as one of America’s most trusted brands
  • 30+ years of experience in the healthcare and hotel industries

Jim Te Winkle

Jim TeWinkle, Chief Strategy Officer for PetCure Oncology
  • A founding partner of PetCure Oncology in 2014, spent time as Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Development Officer
  • 30 years of healthcare experience in clinical, development and operations
  • Developed 20+ national/international human radiosurgery programs including design, operations and marketing
  • Thought leader for and board member on national radiosurgery organization
  • Senior management role in outcomes and data analytics for national disease management company
  • Pet parent to three cats, Tigger, Boots, and Calypso

Peter Smith

  • Founded and led CorSolutions, a leading national disease management company, and Medmark, a specialty pharmaceutical distribution company
  • 12 years with Baxter International, a diversified medical products company, including post of COO for its Japanese subsidiary and president of the Caremark division

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