Unprecedented Cancer Care Technology for Pets Coming to the Bay Area

Campbell, CA – July 27, 2017 – Silicon Valley is no stranger to innovation. This August, pet owners in the Bay Area will benefit from the arrival of unprecedented cancer care technology for their furry loved ones thanks to a pair of strategic partnerships driven by PetCure Oncology, the national leader in radiation oncology for pets.

PetCure Oncology at SAGE will open on August 28, bringing advanced radiation oncology with the ability to deliver potentially life-saving radiosurgery to pets in northern California and surrounding areas. The seventh center in PetCure’s national network will operate out of SAGE Centers for Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Care’s Campbell location.

The PetCure Oncology at SAGE partnership is bolstered by a recently-announced strategic collaboration between PetCure Oncology and Varian Medical Systems, the world’s leading manufacturer of medical devices and software for treating and managing cancer. The collaboration with Varian will support all PetCure locations with industry-leading treatment planning and delivery platforms. It also includes the deployment of Varian’s latest and most innovative linear accelerator, the Halcyon™ treatment system, at six current or future PetCure centers.

The first will be utilized by PetCure Oncology at SAGE, providing pet owners and veterinarians in the Bay Area with access to cancer care technology at the forefront of the industry. It will be the first Halcyon unit in veterinary medicine and among the first installed in any hospital – for humans or pets. Halcyon was designed to revolutionize radiosurgery through innovation in key areas such as quality of care and operational excellence. The end result is best-in-class radiosurgery, including RapidArc® technology and on-board imaging, with unprecedented ease-of-use and operational efficiency.

“There is no objective more important to PetCure Oncology than clinical excellence,” said CEO Scott Milligan. “The ability to provide pet owners access to the absolute best standards of care is what drives us every day. Collaborating with strong, dedicated organizations like SAGE and Varian creates a synergy in which everybody benefits, most notably pet owners trying to navigate their way through a cancer diagnosis.”

The oncology team at SAGE is continuing to see consults and treat patients while the radiation oncology unit is being upgraded. Halcyon will be delivered to the Campbell location in the coming weeks and is on track to be operational by August 28. At that time, PetCure Oncology at SAGE will be fully equipped to provide comprehensive cancer care on par with leading oncology providers in human medicine.

“We are excited about this significant upgrade to veterinary cancer care in northern California,” said Julie Smith, SAGE’s Managing Partner and Medical Director. “The addition of radiosurgery alone is a game-changer that will have a meaningful impact on pet families in their fight against cancer. It is not available for pets in most markets. The added collaboration with Varian and the new Halcyon system will only enhance the high level of care we are committed to providing our clients.”

About PetCure Oncology: PetCure Oncology is the national leader in radiation oncology for pets and the leading provider of SRS for pets in terms of both treatment centers and patients treated. With five current locations and two more on the way this summer, PetCure has treated more than 900 pet patients with radiation therapy since opening its first center in May of 2015. To learn more about PetCure Oncology or SRS, visit PetCureOncology.com or call 833-738-4376.

About SAGE: The leading veterinary specialty hospital in northern California, SAGE’s four-center network has facilities conveniently located around the Bay Area in Campbell, Redwood City, Dublin and Concord. Their patient first philosophy and commitment to collaboration has led to a reputation for delivering exceptional patient care, going the extra mile for pet owners, and embracing innovative medicine. To learn more, visit SAGECenters.com or call 408.343.7243.


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