PetCure Oncology Continues To Provide Care for Pets With Cancer During COVID-19

A national leader in advanced radiation oncology for pets, PetCure Oncology and its Clinical Team of Board-Certified Radiation Oncologists are providing enhanced remote visits at no cost during the COVID-19 pandemic

Dr. Mauldin and the SAGE team preparing a patient for treatment PetCure Oncology, a leading national network of veterinary radiation therapy providers for pets with cancer, announced today new enhancements to PetCure Oncology Telehealth options available to pet families and referring veterinarians. PetCure Oncology Telehealth Visits offer a new way for pet families and referring veterinarians to connect with PetCure Oncology’s board-certified radiation oncologists from the safety and comfort of their homes or veterinary practices to discuss potential treatment options for their beloved pets diagnosed with cancer.

“We are encouraged to expand our telehealth options during these uncertain times as a way to protect the health of our pet families, veterinarians, and our team members so that we can continue to treat pets with cancer,” said Neal Mauldin, DVM, DACVR (RO), DACVIM (Oncology and Internal Medicine), PetCure Oncology Chief Medical Officer. “Currently, many veterinary critical care services and academic hospitals are closing in response to this current crisis. Telehealth is and continues to be at the core of our treatment model. Therefore, we are in a good position to continue to serve pet families while protecting public health.”

One of the pet families PetCure Oncology is treating sent them a note regarding the Telehealth Visit. “During this difficult time with my dog Riley, the staff and hospital have been very accommodating. We are in a global pandemic and the staff here are doing everything they can to provide treatment. This hasn’t been the case at other facilities. I don’t blame them, but your team is going above and beyond. You’re treating our pets like the family they are.”

Visit the PetCure Oncology website to learn more about PetCure Telehealth Visits and how it can help you or your beloved pet through the pet cancer journey.

PetCure Telehealth Visits are available now and are provided at no cost during the COVID-19 crisis. For more information, call one of PetCure Oncology’s Pet Advocates at 833-738-4376 or send an email to Hope@PetCureOncology.com to connect with a PetCure specialist.

About PetCure Oncology: PetCure Oncology was founded in 2014 with a simple mission to make human-caliber cancer care available to pets. Since opening its first treatment center in 2015, PetCure has treated more than 3,000 pets and emerged as the leading provider of veterinary radiation therapy in the United States. With six treatment centers across the country and counting, PetCure also provides innovative teleconsultation services for both veterinarians and pet owners. For more information, contact a PetCure Pet Advocate at 833-738-4376 or download our media kit.


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