Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?

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Does anybody else remember the show, “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?”

I used to play the computer games when home computers first became popular. Then I got into the game show when it came around. I always thought I could win if they ever let me on. I can still hear the catchy theme song in my head…

Wait a minute! Now I just feel old. Maybe I should reign in the nostalgia?

But I couldn’t help but think about Carmen Sandiego as I looked around the PetCure Oncology offices in Chicago the other day. They were noticeably quiet.

Where in the world is the PetCure staff? I couldn’t help but make the connection.

While very different than Carmen Sandiego traveling the world and conducting criminal mischief, I was struck by the wide variety of projects running in parallel on that particular day.

  • PetCure Oncology’s CEO, Scott Milligan, was out of town exploring a partnership opportunity in a new city. Already live in three cities with three more on the way, Scott has been aggressively pursuing our company goal of increasing accessibility to life-saving veterinary cancer care by establishing a presence in over 30 markets.
  • JoAnn Stewart, our COO, was visiting one of our current sites to continue training the local staff. Clinical partnerships in each city are a huge part of our success, and providing a culture of extraordinary service for pet owners and their furry loved ones is one of the most important things we do.
  • Dr. Neal Mauldin, our Chief Medical Officer, was busy at his office in Calgary approving treatment plans for one of the 30+ pets we treat for cancer on a monthly basis. Chief Strategy Officer Jim Te Winkle tore himself away from a construction project at our soon-to-be-open Milwaukee location to continue his clinical research on the treatment of brain tumors. The duo had recently returned from a meeting with one of the nation’s top veterinary schools to discuss a possible research partnership – one that could advance our knowledge of radiation therapy in both humans and pets.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Maranda Haluska was in New Jersey interviewing candidates for that region’s program director. The dedicated staff at our support center in Chicago was plugging away as per usual. PetCure’s human-licensed radiation therapists and board-certified veterinary technicians were scattered around the country, working hard to save lives at their respective specialty centers. And the countless experts we confer and consult with in every market – not to mention the intimidatingly brilliant members of our Scientific Advisory Board – were surely working at their respective “day jobs” as we collectively continue to fight the good fight against the dreaded C-word.

Goodness… I’m exhausted just keeping track of everyone! As for me? Well, I was thinking about Carmen Sandiego. The game show version. I really think I could have won if they had ever let me be a contestant. Maybe I’ll write a blog about it?


This personal blog entry was contributed by Ben Chiswick, PetCure Oncology’s Director of Operations and the proud pet parent of Bandit, a 7-year-old Australian Cattle Dog.

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