PetCure Oncology’s Portal for Collaborative Cancer Care

The Portal for Collaborative Cancer Care is now live! It is free and easily accessible to licensed veterinarians through any computer, tablet or mobile device by visiting PCOAffiliate.com or downloading the PetCure Partners mobile app for iPhone or Android.

This free communication tool is designed to do one simple thing – make it easier for veterinarians to work together in support of pets with cancer. We recognize that veterinarians are busy, and when it comes to cancer care early intervention is critical to long term success. This portal provides you with immediate access to a board-certified radiation oncologist when, where and how you need it.

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Why use the Portal for Collaborative Cancer Care?

PCOAffiliate.com and the PetCure Partners mobile apps were created to foster collaboration, break down barriers, and ensure that veterinary cancer patients get the best in comprehensive care, especially when multi-modality treatment is warranted. By making it easier to work together and collaborate across specialties, we believe that everybody involved in the care path will benefit – especially the patient.