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Pet Parent Testimonials

Nothing makes us happier than to hear from our pet owners. If you would like to share your dog or cat’s cancer care experience with PetCure Oncology, please use our online form to submit your testimonial at the bottom of this page. We’d love to hear from you!

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Image: Noelle B.


Infiltrative Lipoma
PetCure Oncology at VRIC (Clifton, NJ)

I cannot say enough about PetCure Oncology. Making decisions about who to trust with your baby’s treatment based off a gut feeling is daunting but I couldn’t have made a better decision. They made an unimaginably difficult situation almost pleasant. Bella is NOT an easy dog. She is independent and strong-willed. You have to earn her trust. Everyone at PetCure treated her like she was their own dog.

Her CT scan was the most well-explained CT scan I have ever seen. Everyone who works here is patient, thorough, and caring. They go above and beyond in ever way. I can’t say enough about PetCure; knowing what I know now I would travel as far as I needed to to get to PetCure.

Everyone went above and beyond but [veterinary technician] Sam won Bella over. She was kind, patient, and loving. We love Sam!!

— Noelle B. from North Brunswick, NJ
Image: Gina T.


PetCure Oncology at PVSEC (Pittsburgh, PA)

Lita’s osteosarcoma diagnosis was a devastating shock for us. When we decided on radiation as part of her treatment, the PVSEC staff was there to answer all of our questions in an honest yet empathetic way. Not being able to see the doctors/staff in person [due to COVID-19] during Lita’s visits made us nervous at first but we were quickly put at ease by how friendly, knowledgeable and professional the staff was. The PVSEC team was so attentive to our girl and thorough with us during our phone/video visits.

Lita had her palliative radiation treatments about 3 weeks ago now and is doing great adjusting to her ‘new normal’! There are times we have to actually make her slow down now! While we have accepted that her improvement is likely short lived, Lita is a fighter and our fingers are crossed that she exceeds expectations and is referred for another round of palliative radiation. In the meantime, it makes our hearts so full to see our sweet, happy girl living life her way - as she always has! Thank you for your excellent care and all that you do at PVSEC, we are forever grateful!!

— Gina T. from Trafford, PA
Image: Pam C.


Oral Melanoma
PetCure Oncology at PVSEC (Pittsburgh, PA)

[Our] experience with every provider and staff member was exceptional. Very personalized care by all. Everyone knew all about Cooper and the communication among departments was outstanding. I felt very comfortable leaving Cooper in your hands even though I could not come in with him due to Covid.

Dr. Dauphin, Dr. Pohlmann, and Dr. Payne were all involved in Cooper’s care and kept me well informed throughout his treatment. I am a retired RN and have always had very high standards when it comes to healthcare. My expectations were exceeded every step of the way! Thank you for all you do and the difference you make in so many lives of pets and their people.

— Pam C. from Horner, WV
Image: Marla F.


Nasal Carcinoma
PetCure Oncology at AVO (Phoenix, AZ)

The entire team, from the front desk to the doctors, took such great care of both Ellie and myself. A stressful and sad time for me was absolutely the best it could be, due to the care we both received at AVO in Gilbert, AZ.

Melanie, Taylor, Jenn! Truly, everyone who cared for us was wonderful. Dr. Boshoven gave the impression that Ellie was his only patient, that he had all the time in the world to explain things to me and love and care for Ellie.

— Marla F. from Phoenix, AZ
Image: Elizabeth S.


Nasal/Sinus Tumor
PetCure Oncology at VRIC (Clifton, NJ)

Everything was excellent. Everyone was so kind and compassionate, I can't say how amazing that is and how much we needed that. Finally, loved the card and the little gift bag at the end. It was unexpected and a great touch that obviously didn't have to be done but showed the team cared and understood the magnitude of the situation and the $$ being spent.

Dr. Pohlmann was amazing, both in our virtual meeting as well as in the recorded review of Brady's scans. She was direct, easy to understand, compassionate, and made us feel at ease. We understood our options and possible implications. Dr. Wolfe remembered the little details I gave her about Brady, enough to put it in the card, and that is awesome :). [Client liaison] JoAnna is so sweet and nice, she sounds so happy to have us and it was a pleasure to interact with everyone.

— Elizabeth S. from PetCure Oncology at VRIC (Clifton, NJ)
Image: Shanique J.


Nasal Adenocarcinoma
PetCure Oncology at Lakeshore (Milwaukee, WI)

Nothing could've been better. Such a great team of people to help us through a rough time in our dog's life. The practice came highly recommended from both our primary vet and the specialist that did the biopsy. I thought surely they were exaggerating but it really was a good experience, all things considered. My dog has been doing well and I'm hopeful it'll help extend her life.

As a side note, I did like how preferred gender was on name tags. Self identity and equality matters. I like knowing the people I entrusted with my dog's life care about animal rights as well as human rights.

I mostly spoke to [client liaison] Meredith who was awesome and made sure everything was sorted out with my insurance.

— Shanique J. from Bonduel, WI
Image: Samantha D.


Pituitary Macroadenoma
PetCure Oncology at SAGE (San Jose, CA)

Dr. Quarterman and [radiation therapist] Gemma are FABULOUS! This was an extremely stressful time for me, and both of them were kind, patient, and understanding. Dr. Quarterman does a terrific job explaining the radiation options, answering questions about all of the protocols, and supporting the clients when a decision has been made. She was never once dismissive of my questions and concerns, which is HUGE for me, because I ask a LOT of questions! In addition, she has a calm demeanor and helped me regroup during a couple of particularly stressful days, and I will always appreciate that. Gemma is also wonderful. She is prompt in replying to emails, answers all of my questions, and was pleasant to work with. It was reassuring to know she handled every one of my dog's treatments, and I knew he was in good hands. She was a true lifeline for me. Since I couldn't go in the clinic with my dog, it was wonderful that I could email Gemma and be in direct contact with the people who were treating my dog.

The entire radiation team at Sage in Campbell is terrific. I know they are not all PetCure employees, but they all deserve my thanks and appreciation. [Veterinary technicians] Leandra, Krissy and Danielle took excellent care of my dog. Leandra gets special kudos for her daily 'sign-in' phone calls which helped establish a routine and put me at ease during the four weeks / 5 days a week treatment plan. I already raved about Dr. Quarterman and Gemma in the previous question, and I feel fortunate to have been referred to Dr. Quarterman for Beamish's treatment. She is obviously excellent at her job, and I am confident we followed the right protocol for Beamish. The team should be very proud of their work and how they care for their clients.

— Samantha D. from Placerville, CA
Image: Anna P.


Nasal Chondrosarcoma
PetCure Oncology at SEVO-Med (Jacksonville, FL)

We are so thankful for SEVO Med! From the moment I first contacted them, they were compassionate, kind, and prompt. Dr. LaDue took the time to explain everything to us and provide us with the best education for my Dolly. I know that she was in the best care!

Nurses Nanette and Haley and Marsha! All were incredible and very knowledgeable. Dr. LaDue was an angel and we are so thankful to her. Also, the sweet women at the front desk including Taylor.

— Anna P. from Celebration, FL
Image: Marilynn F.


PetCure Oncology at SEVO-Med (Jacksonville, FL)

Buddy had a diagnosis of sarcoma and an epulis and was treated with surgery and radiation about one year ago. Dr. LaDue and her staff have always been available to us during this year as Buddy has had recurring issues. Buddy was examined and had a CT Scan last week and various tests because of difficulties with his nasal passages and a skin irritation. We are pleased with the support and professional and caring way in which he is treated. He is an old dog and we are grateful for all they are doing for him.

[Radiation therapist] Nanette has been available for us during this past year on email and on the phone when issues have arisen and passed the information from Dr. LaDue to us during that time. They have also arranged to have medications delivered to us while we were at our home in Maryland when Buddy had problems. With the Coronavirus precautions in place after we arrived there we were not able to travel back to our home here in Florida and bring Buddy in for a visit. They were most understanding and made certain meds could be sent to us in Maryland. During this visit last week, [veterinary technician] Marsha was very helpful and we are grateful to her for her assistance. And, of course, Dr. LaDue is without exception, the best doctor we could have for our Buddy. She was recommended by our vet who knew her from N.C. State University when both of them were there.

— Marilynn F. from Zephyrhills, FL
Image: Julia & Ed Z.


Squamous Cell Carcinoma
PetCure Oncology at SLVS (Houston, TX)

In a situation where I was very emotional and scattered, I was able to deliver Tyson into the hands of professionals that I felt did their best to provide state of the art services. The feeling of confidence that the staff inspired was very helpful in keeping me calm and optimistic. Communication was clear and concise.

[Radiation therapist] Marissa and [veterinary technician] Sam went above and beyond my expectations. They were both extremely professional, yet were personable and, most importantly, kind and compassionate. I also felt very reassured that Tyson was receiving the appropriate treatment after speaking with Dr Wilcox.

— Julia & Ed Z. from Bellaire, TX
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