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Client Testimonials

Nothing makes us happier than to hear from our pet owners. If you would like to share your dog or cat’s cancer care experience with PetCure Oncology, please use our online form to submit your testimonial at the bottom of this page. We’d love to hear from you!

Image: Ben G.


Nasal Carcinoma
PetCure Oncology at SAGE (San Jose, CA)

My dog Kegel had cancer and now he doesn't. You saved his life and now he can breathe again.

I am amazed by what you were able to do. It was expensive but worth the cost for our dog. Everyone was great.

— Ben G. from Boulder Creek, CA
Image: Anne H.


Heart-Based Tumor
PetCure Oncology at AVO (Phoenix, AZ)

Our experience at AVO has been really great. Dr. Boshoven is wonderful, and the staff (technicians, front desk, etc.) have been great as well. Everyone has been very helpful and compassionate.

— Anne H. from Mesa, AZ
Image: James and Kristin Cleary


Brain Tumor
PetCure Oncology at VRIC (Clifton, NJ)

My husband and I would like to thank the team at PetCure for helping our French Bulldog, Charlie with his brain tumor! The entire staff was attentive to his needs and made sure that he was taken care of before, during and after his treatments. In March when we found out that Charlie unexpectedly had a tumor, it was a very difficult time for all of us, but as soon as we started working with PetCure, we knew that Charlie was in good hands.

Any time we had a question outside of our in-person visits, the team always contacted us to make sure we got the answers we needed. In fact, Dr. Wolfe also sent an email to check in on Charlie to make sure he was doing well and offered her support whenever we needed it, even if it was after work hours – it was a very sweet gesture that meant a lot to us.

We really appreciate everything that PetCure has done for Charlie and we’re extremely happy that we were able to work with such a great team! Thank you again, PetCure!

— James and Kristin Cleary from Forest Hills, NY
Image: Rosanna Piazza


Anal Sac Adenocarcinoma
PetCure Oncology at VRIC (Clifton, NJ)

After being diagnosed with adenocarcinoma, our oncologist recommended stereotactic radiosurgery at PetCure Oncology at VRIC. The facility is located more than 2 hours from where we live on the east end of Long Island, but soon after arriving, we realized that bringing Ava (our 9 year old boxer) here was the best decision we could have made.

Dr. Pohlmann, an outstanding radiation oncologist, quickly made us feel we were in the right hands after giving an extremely thorough evaluation of Ava’s CT, explaining everything from her scan through treatment and expectations during recovery.

Shivani Narayanan, radiation therapist extraordinaire, provided us with a very detailed explanation of the entire treatment process, methodically describing each step so we could understand how the cancer cells would be targeted.

JoAnna at reception had a genuine and warm welcome for us every time we arrived for our appointment, and Sam & Luz delivered Ava safely back to us with a smile and encouragement after each session. All this happened under the attentive watch and compassionate care of Dr. Wolfe.

We’re truly grateful to the team at VRIC for their superior expertise and sincere concern for Ava’s health—they’re a group of exceptional veterinary professionals!

— Rosanna Piazza from Calverton, NY
Image: Michelle Mattioli


PetCure Oncology at PVSEC (Pittsburgh, PA)

SHOC is a hero and survivor! I was told [he had] 3 days to weeks and now we are at 4 months and going strong after palliative radiation... and chemo with some holistic care. I am blessed we did this! He acts like he is 5 again and so comfortable. They were so compassionate and Shoc loved going to see them. I would highly advise this. Shoc never had any side effects at all.

Today, I got word that his lymph nodes and tumor have shrunk since treatment! Rock On SHOC ! Forever grateful to PetCure!!!!

— Michelle Mattioli from Cheswick, PA
Image: Rachel Georgia


Nasal Carcinoma
PetCure Oncology at VRIC (Clifton, NJ)

I cannot say enough about PetCure Oncology. They got us a rush appointment when other facilities were making us wait weeks. They understood the seriousness of our situation, calmed us down, and provided real-time solutions. PetCure Oncology has given us the one thing that we could not give Bruce, which is more time.

Honestly- the ENTIRE STAFF was wonderful. Every single person greeted us and Bruce every morning and congratulated him when he finished treatment. This facility understood the severity of a bad situation and did everything in their power to make it better for us and for Bruce.

— Rachel Georgia from Hoboken, NJ
Image: Mark S.


Brain Tumor
PetCure Oncology at Care Center (Cincinnati, OH)

In September 2016, our 15-year old Italian Greyhound "Tag" had a massive seizure that almost ended his life had it not been for our local pet emergency clinic. Upon a CT scan, our vet specialist identified a small brain tumor and estimated Tag had 6-weeks to live without treatment.

We were given a few options for surgery, but they were entirely too evasive. She mentioned Petcure Oncology in Cincinnati, OH as an option, so we decided to investigate further. After a few phone calls to the clinic, we decided to move forward with the procedure.

Tag completed the third treatment on Sept 29, 2016 and was discharged. On December 3, 2017 Tag achieved his 16th birthday which would have not been possible without Petcure Oncology.

He is still going strong over a year later after the procedure and are confident that his life has been extended.

Throughout the entire process, the staff was extremely professional and always took the time to keep us informed of the status. We are grateful for this clinic and their expertise. Would definitely use them again. Thanks again.

— Mark S. from College Grove, TN

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Image: Janice Wegrzynowski


Nasal Tumor
PetCure Oncology at PVSEC (Pittsburgh, PA)

How do I begin to express my gratitude to PetCure and their awesome staff in Pittsburgh!?

When our 9 1/2 yr old golden retriever Nikko was diagnosed with a nasal cancer tumor, I immediately started searching online for more information regarding his horrible disease. It’s unbelievable because one of the first sites I came across was a video on stereotactic radiation and nasal tumors! After more research I knew this was going to be our first choice for treatment as long as Nikko was a candidate,

I am happy to report that 3 months after his SRS treatment, Nikko’s tumor has shrunk significantly! Yay Nikko! Every extra day with him is a gift and a blessing and we look forward to the additional time we have to spend with him. Thank you PetCure! Can’t wait to update this review in another 6-12 months!

— Janice Wegrzynowski from Grand Island, NY

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Image: Roy Teng


Spinal Tumor
PetCure Oncology at Care Center (Cincinnati, OH)

PetCure Oncology’s extensive knowledge and sense of urgency to help were what impressed me the most. We went from grieving to hopeful.

When we felt like all hope was gone, we were given an option we thought we never had. PetCure gave us hope when no one else would.

— Roy Teng from Richmond, IN

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Image: Paul Ferretti


Brain Tumor (Glioma)
PetCure Oncology at VRIC (Clifton, NJ)

When we were faced with a heartbreaking cancer diagnosis, there was only one place our oncologist felt comfortable sending us. The wonderful people at PetCure were there for us every single step of the way. From the initial phone consultation, to scans & diagnostics, to the cutting edge SRS therapy, they treated us like family.

I am so grateful for the generous amounts of support, patience, and compassion they provided during this stressful time. It truly made all the difference in the world.

— Paul Ferretti from Stanford, CT

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