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If you would like to consult on one of your clients’ cases, or simply want to ask a question to a board-certified oncologist, we are excited to introduce PetCure Oncology’s Portal for Collaborative Cancer Care. This veterinarian-only portal is free of charge. An easy one-time registration will give you immediate access to:

  1. Live chat with a board-certified radiation oncologist
  2. Schedule a radiation oncology Telehealth Visit for your client, at their home or in your practice
  3. Submit imaging and receive a PetCure Imaging Review, a recorded analysis of the imaging from a therapeutic radiation perspective.

Click on this banner to join the collaboration now:

Portal for Collaborative Cancer Care

If you prefer, feel free to fill out the form below. Our team will reply no later than the next business day. If your question is urgent, we recommend calling one of our Pet Advocates directly at 833-VET-HERO (833-838-4376).

More than 6,000 pet families have chosen PetCure Oncology for their dog or cat's cancer therapy. We give your pet a fighting chance to improve their quality of life.

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