PetCure Oncology Marks Milestone Of Treating 8,000 Pets

April 24, 2024 (AUSTIN, Texas) – In a significant advancement in cancer care for pets, Thrive Pet Healthcare, a leading veterinary care network with more than 380 hospitals in 37 states, proudly announces that its partner, PetCure Oncology, has achieved a monumental milestone in cancer treatment. PetCure Oncology has administered advanced radiation therapy to over 8,000 pets since opening in mid-2015, solidifying its position as a pioneer in progressive pet cancer care.

“This milestone reflects PetCure Oncology’s unwavering commitment to excellence and underscores the profound impact of our collaborative efforts supporting 11 programs nationwide,” says Dr. Neal Mauldin, National Director of Radiation Oncology at Thrive Pet Healthcare and Medical Director for PetCure Oncology. “Treating 8,000 pets signifies the positive change we bring to the lives of our veterinary patients and the families that love them.”

Revolutionizing Pet Cancer Care: Stereotactic Radiation Therapy

The majority of dogs and cats with cancer treated by PetCure Oncology have benefitted from stereotactic radiation therapy, a relatively new advancement that precisely targets tumors with high doses of radiation in just 1-3 sessions, contrasting with the historical 15-20 treatments. This breakthrough minimizes treatment duration, reducing anesthesia-related risks and enhancing patient comfort.

Prior to PetCure Oncology, most radiation treatments for pets were offered in university settings using traditional methods, which typically yielded 100 pets treated per year.

“Stereotactic radiation therapy has transformed the landscape of veterinary cancer care, allowing us to provide safe and effective treatment in significantly less time and requiring fewer anesthetic events,” explains Dr. Mauldin. “It’s a game-changer, enabling us to tackle previously untreatable cancers in sensitive areas like the liver, spine and lungs.”

Advancing Pet Cancer Care: Thrive Pet Healthcare and PetCure Oncology Partnership

Since joining the community of hospitals at Thrive Pet Healthcare in late 2020, PetCure Oncology has expanded its outreach, ensuring more pets and their families have access to state-of-the-art cancer treatment options.

Key Differentiators:

  • Experienced Veterinary Oncologists:

    Treatment teams are led by 11 board-certified radiation or medical oncologists with extensive post-graduate training. This ensures that pet families have a board-certified specialist to talk to regardless of scheduling conflicts, geography, etc.

  • Nationwide Accessibility with Telehealth:

    PetCure Oncology offers telehealth visits, facilitating convenient access to advanced care for pets across the nation. Clinics are conveniently located in major cities, with plans for further expansion.

  • Research and Innovation:

    Committed to pioneering research, PetCure Oncology explores novel applications of stereotactic radiation therapy to address a spectrum of cancerous and non-cancerous conditions. This includes chronic inflammatory conditions like osteoarthritis and cystitis, potentially offering relief to pets with minimal side effects.

“We’ve seen it all, and our wealth of experience ensures each patient receives personalized care,” adds Dr. Mauldin. “We are privileged to be part of each pet’s unique healing journey, and to support the families who so fiercely advocate for them.”

As part of their continued growth and dedication to serving pets nationwide, PetCure Oncology has expanded its services to 11 major cities across the U.S., with San Jose, California emerging as their busiest clinic, averaging 300 treatments per year.

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