PetCure Oncology Telehealth Services During COVID-19

PetCure Oncology continues to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic very closely in order to ensure that pets with cancer retain access to the critical care they need while keeping our employees, pet owners, and partners across the veterinary community safe. In accordance with the guidance provided by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO) and local governments, all of our treatment centers remain open. We stand with the human health community’s recommendation to increase the use of telemedicine to help keep our communities safe.

PetCure Telehealth Visits for Families of Pets With Cancer

Because of the public health concerns associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, we are offering PetCure Telehealth Visits with a  board-certified radiation oncologist from the safety and comfort of your home. Our goal is to keep employees, pet owners, and partner veterinarians safe while maintaining our commitment to treating pets with cancer and supporting pet families through the process. If you have a dog or cat that is facing a cancer diagnosis, PetCure Oncology is here to provide you with the compassionate service and information needed to inform your treatment decision.


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Utilize PetCure Oncology's Telehealth Option

We realize that you may be feeling fearful, uncertain, and reluctant to leave your home due to the coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, if your dog or cat has been diagnosed with cancer, we understand the urgency you are likely feeling to find answers. You want to understand your pet’s best treatment options without having to wait – particularly at a time when the world seems so chaotic.


Get Clear on the Cancer Treatment Options Available for your Pet

If your pet has been diagnosed with cancer, please take advantage of our telehealth services. PetCure Telehealth Visits are currently being offered to support pet parents everywhere through the coronavirus global crisis. It’s an important first step in your pet’s journey toward healing.


How Does a PetCure Telehealth Visit Work?

Before Your Telehealth Visit

  • Reach out to PetCure Oncology at 833-PET-HERO or email Hope@PetCureOncology.com.
  • A PetCure Oncology Pet Advocate will coordinate your virtual conversation by sending a link for your online visit.
  • The Pet Advocate will walk you through any logistics, including coordination with your vet to acquire any medical records or imaging for your pet. 

During Your Telehealth Visit

  • You will be emailed a link for your telehealth visit. Click the link to login and begin your live, two-way conversation with a board-certified radiation oncologist. 
  • Feel free to invite your primary care or specialist veterinarian to the telehealth visit so that they can be part of the conversation.
  • Like most pet parents, you will have questions. Please feel free to have an open conversation with your board-certified radiation oncologist about your pet and their particular cancer diagnosis.

After Your Telehealth Visit

  • By the end of the call, we hope you will feel more confident about your pet’s cancer diagnosis and cancer treatment options so that you can take the next step to get your pet the best care available.
  • After the call, we will email you a recording of your PetCure Telehealth Visit.
  • If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to your Pet Advocate again. We are here for you and your pet during this stressful time.


Pet Telehealth Experience

At PetCure Oncology, we treat dogs, cats, and other companion animals with cancer from all over the country. Live remote teleconsults and pre-recorded imaging reviews are routine parts of our service offering. We are proud to be able to expand this important service at a critical time for you and your pet. A cancer diagnosis is extremely stressful in the best of times. With the COVID-19 global health crisis, we want to do our best to support pet parents and reduce the anxiety you may be feeling associated with an in-person vet visit. Please take advantage of our PetCure Telehealth Visit as the first step in your pet’s journey toward healing.

PetCure Oncology’s Telehealth Infrastructure

While some appointments require face-to-face interaction, we have never been more grateful to have a telehealth infrastructure in place to help minimize in-person interactions without sacrificing patient care.


PetCure Oncology’s COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan Includes:

  • Limited In-Person Contact – All board-certified radiation and medical oncologists in the PetCure Oncology network will continue to see patients and consult with veterinarians, but will limit in-person interactions wherever possible.
  • PetCure Specialists Standing Ready for YOU – Calling our Pet Advocate Team is the best way to get in touch with a PetCure specialist or treatment center. They can be reached at 833-VET-HERO or Hope@PetCureOncology.com seven days a week. All of our Pet Advocates have backgrounds in veterinary oncology and are able to work out of their own homes.
  • PetCure Specialists Standing Ready for YOUR CLIENT – In response to COVID-19, we have introduced PetCure Telehealth Visits to provide pet families with the guidance they need while keeping our communities safe. If you have a canine or feline patient with cancer, connect their family with a board-certified PetCure specialist through a live, two-way video conversation. Vets are encouraged to join the conversation as well!
  • Virtual Appointments Where Possible – Any appointments that do not absolutely require in-person interaction will be conducted virtually. PetCure’s telemedecine platform includes both Telehealth Visits, which enable real-time two-way video communication, and pre-recorded imaging reviews. PetCure has been providing these services to out-of-town veterinarians and pet owners since 2018.
  • Slack Network Available for Real-Time Access – For ongoing, real-time access to our team of board-certified specialists, ask a Pet Advocate about joining our Slack virtual network. Our network is always available to support your canine, feline, and small animal patients.

Download PetCure Telehealth Services Overview.

Our priority is the health and well-being of the communities that we serve. Our COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan is intended to keep our pets, pet families, partner veterinarians, and employees across the country, safe. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if there is anything that we can do to support you and your practice.

PetCure Oncology's Policy Updates

As the COVID-19 information and environment evolves, we’re constantly staying up to date with the latest news from respected administrations and organizations around us. As such, we’re keeping our updates on PetCure Oncology’s COVID-19 policy visible for our pet patients and referring veterinarians to reference whenever they need.


PetCure Oncology’s COVID-19 Policies

To learn more about our updated COVID-19 Policies, and the practices that are affected by them, please visit below.

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