Caring for a pet with cancer is tough to bear. Your pet loves you unconditionally, which makes their loss of energy, lack of appetite and other symptoms even more painful to watch. And the idea of putting down your pet is agonizing.

But what if there could be more good days, the kind where your furry friend seems like their old self again? Now there is a human (and humane) cancer treatment that gives many pets a second chance at life.

Stereotactic radiation (SRS/SRT):

is a nonsurgical treatment with few side effects

requires only 1-3 sessions

is one of PetCure Oncology's advanced radiation therapies that have been delivered to over 1,500 pets

Pets give so much to you — give back to them in their hour of need.

To find out if your pet is a candidate for SRS/SRT treatment talk to a Pet Advocate.

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Our Pet Advocates will help you find out if your pet could benefit from SRS/SRT.

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