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See how we are revolutionizing cancer care through the use of Stereotactic Radiation.


Stereotactic Radiation (SRS) is an advanced human treatment for cancer now available to veterinary medicine.

SRS/SRT does not have the invasiveness of open surgery or the side effects of traditional radiation therapy.

In as few as one SRS/SRT treatment, many pets experience improved quality of life or even remission.

Dr. Neal Mauldin
"Dr. Dauphin, Dr. Pohlmann, and Dr. Payne were all involved in Cooper’s care and kept me well informed throughout his treatment. I am a retired RN and have always had very high standards when it comes to healthcare. My expectations were exceeded every step of the way! Thank you for all you do and the difference you make in so many lives of pets and their people."
Oral Melanoma
PetCure Oncology at PVSEC (Pittsburgh, PA)
Dr. Neal Mauldin
"After treating more than 7,000 dogs and cats with SRS, I can tell you I have seen it save lives."
Dr. Neal Mauldin
Chief Medical Officer, PetCure Oncology
Board-certified veterinarian in internal medicine, medical oncology and radiation oncology
Scott Milligan
"When we lost our dog Juliette to cancer, it was devastating. But it was also frustrating — she could have been saved by this treatment had it been available to pets. PetCure Oncology is now our mission and our calling."
Scott Milligan
Chief Executive Officer, PetCure Oncology