For years, stereotactic radiation (SRS/SRT) has been the gold standard of cancer care for people. And now, this world-class treatment is available for pets fighting cancer, too. SRS/SRT offers benefits that other cancer treatments do not:

has mild side effects compared to other types of treatments

penetrates tumors in hard-to-target locations, even attacking cancers previously considered untreatable

requires fewer treatment sessions — leading to less driving, stress, and anesthesia

eliminates certain risks associated with surgery or traditional radiation

At PetCure Oncology, a team of the best veterinary oncologists in the world can give your pet the very latest cancer care available.

“Providing world-class cancer care and bringing peace of mind to pet families is our passion and our purpose,” says Dr. Eric Boshoven at PetCure Oncology. “SRS/SRT is an amazing advancement in veterinary technology.”

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