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Sissy the dog wearing PetCure Pet Hero Cape

Pet Hero: Sissy the Rock Star Pup

Sissy Northey is a rock star. She’s the beloved 12-year-old Chihuahua Pomeranian Mix of Jessica Northey. With a mom like Jessica, a top social media influencer in the country music sphere, Sissy has amassed a large fan following because of her playful mix of sassiness and sweetness. Jessica is the first to... Continue reading

grandma the goat after cancer treatment grazing

Pet Hero: Grandma the Goat Is Beating Cancer

They say that dogs are man’s best friends, but would you believe that goats are not far behind? Humans have domesticated goats for over 10,000 years as livestock, but recently more goat owners have begun claiming deep emotional bonds with their pet goats. We know someone who would agree... Continue reading

Sunny post dog cancer treatment

Pet Hero: There’s No Stopping Sunny

Sunny is somewhat of a canine celebrity in her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. She has been through a lot. And while her claim to fame may not be a very pleasant first chapter to her story, the rest of Sunny’s book is loaded with courage and inspiration. In 2009, Sunny was just a puppy when she was... Continue reading