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Pet Hero: Cannelle, the Loving Cat

Published December 26, 2018 | By PetCure Oncology | Pet Heroes

Cannelle, a 10-year-old Abyssinian cat, was named after the brownish-black color of her coat but her personality is the most distinctive thing about her. Both of her parents work from home, so she’s used to having people around and is very social and vocal. She goes to-and-from her cat towers and enjoys... Continue reading

Pet Hero: Molly, the Kind Cat

Published November 5, 2018 | By PetCure Oncology | Blog

Life for Molly, a 13-year-old cat, is full of love and fun with her parents Glenna and John and pet siblings Sonny (3) and Russ (14). Her days mainly consist of eating and playing with her toys, but her little brother Sonny has brought new energy into the home and keeps everyone, including Molly, on their... Continue reading