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Questions To Ask Your Vet About Nasal Cancer In Dogs

Published April 10, 2020 | By Ben Chiswick | Blog

Nasal cancer is one of the most common forms of canine cancer - which also makes it one of the most commonly treated. If your dog is diagnosed with a nasal tumor, or suspected to have one, your primary care veterinarian will likely refer you to a veterinary oncologist.   Can nasal cancer be... Continue reading

Helping Dogs and Cats with Cancer During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Published March 24, 2020 | By Ben Chiswick | Blog

  COVID-19 is Affecting the World including Our Pets As the global pandemic has much of the country on an unprecedented lockdown, both people and pets are being affected in countless ways. Everyone wants to do the right thing and stay home to avoid spreading COVID-19. Non-essential businesses have... Continue reading

osteosarcoma rottweiler image

What You Should Know about Osteosarcoma (Bone Cancer) in Dogs

Published November 30, 2018 | By Ben Chiswick | Pet Cancer Resources

A type of bone cancer called osteosarcoma is the most common type of primary bone cancer in dogs, accounting for over 95% of all bone tumors. Other types of bone cancer include chondrosarcoma, fibrosarcoma, and hemangiosarcoma. “Primary” refers to cancer that starts in the bone versus spreading... Continue reading

chocolate lab dog smiling oral cancer

Oral Cancers in Dogs

Published November 29, 2018 | By Ben Chiswick | Pet Cancer Resources

Oral tumors in dogs are relatively common. According to the American College of Veterinary Surgeons (ACVS), “benign and malignant tumors of the oral cavity account for 3-12% of all tumors in cats and 6% of all tumors in dogs.”1 Does My Dog Have an Oral Tumor? Unfortunately, when it comes to tumors in the... Continue reading