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Pet cancer puppy bed. Dog playing on the floor with an orange ball

Why Are Pet Owners Turning to PetCure Oncology for Their Pet’s Cancer Care?

Published July 26, 2017 | By PetCure Oncology | Featured Testimonials

Across the country, stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) is giving the families of pets with cancer the hope they are so desperately seeking. Thanks to PetCure Oncology, more pet patients than ever now have access to innovative cancer care that is on par with the top oncology providers in human medicine.... Continue reading

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Help Other Pet Families by Sharing Your Experience

Published September 22, 2016 | By PetCure Oncology | Featured Testimonials

As my colleague Jack Moore blogged last week, PetCure Oncology’s approach to treating pet cancer is simple: It is only and always about the pet family. The root of that philosophy is that cancer, whether it is in a pet or a human, makes an impact far beyond the afflicted individual. Families navigate... Continue reading

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We’re So Lucky to Have Cared for Lucky

Published April 13, 2016 | By PetCure Oncology | Featured Testimonials

We love hearing from our clients after their pets have received treatment at a PetCure Oncology cancer care center. Looking at the photos and video updates of their furry family members always puts a big smile on our faces. It reminds us of why we do what we do and renews our motivation to continue... Continue reading